Our story

Sardinian Sky was founded in 2010 through a collaboration between Italian entrepreneurs and the support of passionate professionals from the aeronautical world.

Our pilots are mostly former military (Air Force & Navy) with long experience in the civil field, and the ground staff instead comes from major Italian and foreign airlines, all united by work and educational past of excellence.

In the beginning Sardinian Sky was specialized in operating a single Piaggio P180 Avanti. Later on, the company passed on to the Cessna manufacturer with Citation Excel XLS / XLS + aircrafts.

The company’s vision was to create a small airline:

  • able to perform emergency medical flights upon request,
  • provide firms, owners of aircrafts, a service that would work as a “mini business unit” by creating a very transparent and cost effective system of management.

Today the main activities of the company are:

  • “World Wide” air transport activities, both corporate and charter,
  • Professional management of private and commercial aircrafts,
  • Intermediation for the acquisition of aircraft,
  • Consulting and logistical support in the field of aeronautical transport.

Our company currently manages the Cessna Citation XLS, and is based in Milan Malpensa.

Sardinian Sky is authorized as an European airline to operate legally around the world because it has the highest authorizations obtainable.

With great satisfaction, since February 2019, we have become the first Italian operator to become a member of the BACA, today known as “Air Charter Association” a worldwide organisation whose membership is open to those involved within the Aviation Industry, engaged in the chartering of aircraft.

The objectives of The Air Charter Association have always, and continue to be, to promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics within the Aviation Industry. BACA / ACA members strive to maintain this benchmark of distinction and deliver a service to the consumer which embraces these ideals.

We can operate at low visibility in both takeoff and landing (CAT II approved in July 2018) and operate from airports such as London City.

Over the years, Sardinian Sky has developed its own procedures and has trained its own team to guarantee the main needs of its customers in a satisfactory and coherent manner.

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