What is an angel flight

Angels Flights are private flights organized to help children with medical conditions that need immediate treatment. These flights are organized by nonprofit organizations, such as the Flying Angels Foundation or Miracle Flights for Kids, and are funded by donations and contributions from supporters.
Children in need of specialized medical care often have to travel long distances, but most of the time their parents cannot afford the cost of airfare or private medical transportation. In these cases, flight angels provide a solution: these private flights transport the child, a parent or caregiver and anything else needed, such as medical equipment, to a place where they can receive specialized care.
In addition, these flights are organized to ensure maximum comfort and care for the child and his or her family, seeking to alleviate the stress and fatigue that comes with long journeys. In this way, angel flights offer crucial support for families of children with serious illnesses who require specialized medical care.

How an angel flight is organized

Usually, the person or family needing medical assistance contacts us to request a flight. Medical documentation must be provided to prove the need for the medical flight. SSS will then check the availability of volunteer pilots in the area and the type of aircraft needed for the medical mission. The volunteer pilot then arranges flight planning, including route, fuel, flight time and any overnight accommodations. Ground transportation and ground support may also be contracted. Finally, on the day of the flight, the pilot and crew ensure that everyone is safely and comfortably on board.

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